What Is Therapy?


Therapy is a process of meeting with a licensed professional in order to facilitate growth and healing through the resolution of traumatic issues from our past as well as feelings, behaviors, and beliefs that are currently affecting our day to day functioning. Therapy also works to move an individual towards understanding their self in relation to others as well as increasing positive behaviors, actions and feelings. Therapy is a process, and some results are immediate, and some results appear over a period of time. Therapy is helpful when an individual is consistent and is an active participant.

Individuals who seek therapy are not considered “crazy” or “troubled.” Therapy is a healthy step towards managing everyday human concerns, such as depression, anxiety, relationship stress, trauma, and career/work related concerns. Therapy helps us foster internal growth, so we understand our actions and reactions to the people and the circumstances in our life. It can be challenging and rewarding to embark on this journey.

The therapeutic relationship is a partnership between the client and the therapist. The relationship is based on trust, respect, and the therapist and client work together collaboratively to uncover your personal strengths and work on your areas for growth. The overall goal for therapy is to foster emotional well-being, insight, and healing. The psychotherapy experience also provides the opportunity to deal with concerns that are unique to the client’s life.

An individual’s decision to seek therapy is a sign of strength and a step towards self-care.